iOS is the most engaging mobile operating system on the market. Our iOS development team is always ahead of the curve on the new features introduced and never misses an Apple training event.


Android is the most popular mobile operating system available. Our team of Android developers is the key to your Android application’s success.

Web Development

Most mobile apps require a back-end cloud system to communicate with. We can build the perfect back-end system to support your apps. Our team can also develop an amazing front-end website for your business to help you grow even further.


Our team can implement e-payment and m-payment platforms within your app so that monetization on your apps or website can be as seamless and easy as possible.

Apple TV

With a team attending the latest Apple tech talks on Apple TV, our team is ready to create the best Apple TV apps in the market.

Apple Watch

An Apple Watch extension app is the perfect companion to an iOS app. Imagine the possibilities of what you can do with this cool new device. Our team can help you make this a reality.


The latest in cutting edge technology on proximity advertising happens through iBeacons. Our team built Otravita, an iBeacons management platform to help you manage your campaigns. We can also help you implement this cool technology in your existing apps, but we can also build an app specifically for your needs that will take advantage of this cool new technology.



Your app needs to be beautiful and catch people’s eyes. It also needs to be using the latest in design standards. Our awesome design team is up to date with all the latest trends and standards and can create the best design matching your needs.


They say that if you need to train your users to use your app, then the user experience is not working well, so UX is at most importance when it comes to design. Your app does not only need to look beautiful, it needs to enable the user to do everything with the fewest taps possible.


Your brand is the first thing that your clients see. Your brand is also the one thing that people will link with your services, your products and operations. Our team specializes in creating your branding to reflect your company’s values and core competences.


Your strategy can make you or break you. We can help you build your product with the right strategy in mind, in order to ensure you get the results you aim for. We can also help you with the strategy in promoting and marketing your app to the right audiences at the right time, ensuring the highest reach and engagement.


Reading your analytics properly and monitoring the right factors is an art. We know this art very well and we can help you build the right monitoring into your app, get the right data and analyze that data properly to get the right results.